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George + Mabel's

We had so much fun capturing this couple's wedding day. It's truly a gift to see their love for each-other through the lens. Their photos reflect their love, love for family, and the warmth of their home.

No matter what the weather, George and Mabel's love for each other is always present. Their small and intimate wedding was shared with their children in privacy of their own home. The simple yet special ceremony showed all how much a couple can find when they shine an everlasting love into one another's heart!

We planned to take wedding portraits at multiple locations including historic Valley Forge National Park and the Washington Memorial Chapel. The weather forecast said there could be snow, sleet, or rain during our session so we weren't sure if it would work out for us to make all of these stops. As the day went on, however, and despite the nature's warnings that it was going to get worse with time- in reality things got better! We were able to capture some beautiful pictures at our first location Daniel Boone Homestead before eventually making quick pitstops along the way - one being a wintery mix of snow and sleet - as soon as we arrived at Valley Forge; George & Mabel warmed up quickly thanks to their love radiating through in spite of cold temperatures.


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